New Arrival! WeWood Watches

Feel the difference nature can bring. Completely absent of artificial or toxic material, WeWood fashion watches are as natural and kind as the wrist that carries it.

Your WeWood watch breathes the same air we breathe, respects our skin as we respect nature by supporting sophisticated sustainability. As alive as nature, your timepiece records your sensations and shares your experiences and may awaken memories from another time and place. The perfect natural mate, the eco cool watches of WeWood tell a story that becomes yours to wear, smell and feel. Come in today to check out these very cool and Eco-friendly watches.


October’s Birthstone Tourmaline.

TOURMALINE: October Birthstone – Are you an October Baby? Tourmaline is known for displaying several colors in the same gemstone.

Pink varieties of Tourmaline range in color from pastel pink to ruby red and are mined in Brazil, Burma, & India. Tourmaline is the Wedding Anniversary stone for the 13th year of Marriage. A gift of this stone is symbolic of hope.

Once upon a time...a

Is she ready for a name change?

Is there something your girlfriend has been wanting?

Is she dropping hints & are you ready to make the commitment. Is she ready for a name change? If so come see our exclusive bridal engagement rings. Our collections offer vintage looks, a classic feel & unique contemporary styles. Many of our rings are truly one of a kind.